Jessica Alba Reveals Secret to Toned Physique Post-Pregnancy

The gorgeous Hollywood actress and mother of two, Jessica Alba, is making headlines for more than just her acting career and charismatic persona. She has decided to contour her figure post-pregnancy with minimally invasive laser liposuction treatments on her stomach and thighs. 

Dr. Bruce Katz, Director of the Body Contouring Center at the renowned JUVA Skin & Laser Center in New York was one of the original pioneers of SmartLipo, which to-date is still the gold standard in laser liposuction.  This popular, minimally invasive treatment gives the body a tighter, slimmer and smoother physique by dissolving fat cells and tightening the skin. The result is high-definition sculpting with minimal bleeding, bruising and downtime so busy moms like Alba can get right back into their routine.


To further enhance results, Dr. Katz uses SmartLipo both alone and in conjunction with other breakthrough body sculpting techniques like Cellulaze.  By combining these two treatments, patients can undergo one procedure to effectively “slim” their physique by removing stubborn fat, tightening the skin and removing cellulite. 

“The results are truly remarkable. Like Jessica, many patients opt for SmartLipo to remove the stubborn fat and flabby skin that you can’t get rid of with exercise and dieting alone,” says Dr. Bruce Katz. “At the Body Contouring Center at JUVA we specialize in offering cutting edge laser technology that ensures outstanding results and patient satisfaction.  By combining SmartLipo and Cellulaze we have been able to offer patients the ultimate one-two punch for body sculpting to reveal their most sculpted, smooth physique that is cellulite-free.”

The both treatments are minimally invasive procedures, meaning they are performed under local anesthesia at JUVA’s accredited AAAHC facility.  Patients usually return to their normal routine after 2 – 3 days.