Artist Cimon's 'Love' Sculptures Made from Swarovski Crystals + Legos

The window of SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED New York’s concept store on Broadway sparkles this holiday season, from November 29 to December 26, with a spectacular showcase of five previously unseen works by Cimon, the highly collectible New York-based artist famed for his luxurious and innovative LEGO sculptures. Inspired by romance and a sense of fun, Cimon builds complex sculptures using LEGO bricks that he re-skins in lustrous metallic finishes, and intricately hand-embellishes with a myriad of sparkling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  These pieces will be showcased as precious toys—within the context of a holiday window featuring both an abstract super-sized tree and gift boxes filled with crystal designer jewelry available inside the store.

Both whimsical and breathtaking, Cimon’s Little Love Stories series of one-of-a-kind sculptures have been described as a contemporary Fabergé egg. His commissioned works, including Love, Paris—a full-size LEGO motorcycle studded with thousands of pink SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and his elegant Collector’s Edition crystal fragrance bottle for Chantecaille Beauté, have won him tremendous acclaim amongst both media and top retailers including Bergdorf Goodman.

The pieces will be available for sale  after the window is deinstalled.
Cimon attributes his love of beauty and rich, vibrant color to growing up in the lush suburbs of Sydney, Australia. After studying at the Parsons School of Design in New York, he arrived on the art scene as a painter of large canvasses he dubbed Colour Therapy. Splashed with strong, effervescent colors, they soon brought him a loyal following. Today, he concentrates on his crystal-embellished LEGO sculptures, exploring the dynamics of color and refracted light. Five of these stunning sculptures will premiere in the SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED holiday window display:
Love Bug
Love Bug celebrates the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, giving it a gleaming silver finish, and covered with hundreds of sparklingly clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The top lifts off, transforming the car into a convertible and revealing a precious cargo of ruby-red crystal hearts.  Approximately 1,400 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS were used in the creation of this piece.
Love at Sea
A magnificent silver galleon evokes the romance of a lost era, when swashbuckling heroes sailed the seven seas. A sweet maiden ponders the glittering ocean on her voyage into the unknown, while thousands of cool blue SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS wash over the ship’s decks, each shimmering crystal echoes a nautical theme such as fish and starfish.    Approximately 3,400 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS were used in the creation of this piece.

Love Comes Around
Capturing the magic of the holiday season, this animated carousel comes to life as children and horses glide up and down to the music as it turns.  Approximately 1,700 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS were used in the creation of this piece.

The Silver Steam
A one-of-a-kind animated holiday train for adults and children alike, The Silver Steam carries excited passengers, holiday trees and seasonal gifts to a magical destination.   Approximately 1,100 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS were used in the creation of this piece.

High Heels (Silver)

Fusing fashion with fun, Cimon’s High Heels (Silver) are fit for a fairytale princess. These crystal-studded slipper sculptures aim to dazzle every prince. Approximately 1,000 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS were used in the creation of this piece.