Tech Review: The Sharper Image Restore Universal Charging Valet

RESTORE SHARPER IMAGE 1If you’re anything like me you’ve got a number of gadgets all over the place. That means multiple charges hogging up outlet space. The Sharper Image ‘Restore” Universal Charging Valet and I have become fast friends as soon as I opened the box. The first thing I noticed was how neatly it folds up, which is perfect for moving around at home and for travel.
SHOE WALL SHARPER IMAGEI set up the Sharper Image ‘Restore” Universal Charging Valet and immediately put it to task. I began juicing up all my gadgets. It was very easy to charge my iPad, iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 via the Valet. There is a little stand that pulls out for the iPad (or another tablet, e-reader) so it can rest on the station itself which is a nice feature to keep everything all in one place, especially while you’re away from the comforts of home. The Valet includes: charging valet, storage pouch, car adapter, wall plug, micro and min USB, apple connector.Restore Sharper ImageA simple and neat presentation, that allows multiple devices to be charged is a must-have in my book! For more visit: