Royal Style: Angled Bangs on Kate Middleton


Style icon Kate Middleton is turning heads once again by adding an angled bang to her signature bouncy cascade of curls. Recently chosen by Refinery29 as the 'Best Bang Trim' in Chicago, celebrity hairstylist George Gonzalez, who worked for Oprah and HARPO for 11 years, shares his tips for maintaining your bangs!

GeorgeHeadshotLandscape-smFirst: The Cut:

  • For coarse/thick hair, have your stylist texturize them removing some bulk plus soften the ends to create a light airy finish.
  • For thin hair, a blunt cut is the best to give the appearance of fullness plus try using a volumizing shampoo & conditioner for added volume.
  • The ”heavy bang” compliments most face shapes. It provides a young fresh look that women of any age can experiment with.
Trim them every 3-4 weeks to keep your desired style

0001Styling Tips:

  • Use a hydrating shampoo & conditioner to keep hair in proper moisture balance which will then eliminate the unwanted frizz factor
  • Before styling apply a leave in shine serum to keep fringer healthy and shiny plus this will protect against humidity
  • Let your bangs grow a bit longer to sweep to one side like Kate Middleton does here
  • To achieve a great bang, blow dry with a round brush completely straight, then use your hands to style into place. For a piecey bang, use a styling paste to create separations. If necessary, spray with an extra light styling spray
  • Or, use a wet to dry flat iron to create a sleek straight bang. When straight add additional amounts of serum to use as a finishing aid.

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