Get The Look: "2 Broke Girls" Star Kat Dennings & Curls

Celebrity Hairstylist Pixie Schwartz who is the on set stylist for the award winning CBS TV series "2 Broke Girls" reveals how she gets Kat Dennings' oh so curlicious waves full of shine and polished to perfection with each product $20 and under.

1. Apply a curl enhancing medium hold mousse to damp hair at roots and work through to ends - diffusing without a product can create frizz.

2. Divide hair into sections and spray on White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Hold Thermal Styling Spray ($19) focusing first on the bottom layers. As you style, you will work up by section until finally reaching the top of the head.

Tip: Liquid Texture excels with hot tools due to its thermal guards, hair color enhancers, and humidity resistance, making tresses shinier as more heat is applied plus providing incredible style memory which is essential for HD TV and long hours on set.

3. Then, take a one-inch section and begin to curl by placing the iron 3-5 inches away from the scalp. Roll iron under and towards scalp - most of hair will be hanging out of curling iron when you begin this step.

Tip: Alternate the direction of the curl as you work your way through each section.

4. Shake out hair and separate with fingers, applying a small amount of White Sands Orchids Oil ($20) to finish.

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