Midsummer Savings: What to Buy in July

Thanks to Independence Day, you can find great deals on pretty much everything as retailers clamour to grab your attention away from the barbeque. Still, if you prefer to keep it mellow this Wednesday and avoid the crowds, there's plenty of time for savings later this month.

Consider the following advice from  nationally-recognized consumer and money-saving expert, Andrea Woroch, who helps consumers live on less without radically changing their lifestyles. Enjoy great savings on everything from fruit to furniture.

1. Replace that couch.
Even Oprah agrees that July is the best time to buy furniture. Thanks to Independence Day and new styles arriving in August, sales floor associates are buzzing to upsell you on that leather recliner. Scout preferred styles before sale time and do your research on the cost so as not to be fooled by inflated prices.
2. Update your lingerie.
Thanks to the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale, other lingerie retailers attempt to snatch up some of their customers by offering deals on intimates. Benefit from the retailer showdown with great deals, and be sure to check here for the latest online offers from America's favorite lingerie store.
3. Take in a show.
Tourists and uncivilized New Yorkers alike can usually find good deals on Broadway tickets in July, thanks to the opening of new shows in August. Though no one from the Upper East Side would be caught dead in the Theater District midsummer, the peons get the double advantage of cheap tickets and cordial company.
4. Channel your inner James Bond.
Listen up, gents: now's the time to replace that suit you've been wearing for the last ten years. July is a great time to save on lightweight monkeysuits because shops are making room for fall fashion. A well-fitting suit is always an investment, so check out these snarky-yet-savvy tips from Esquire for selecting the best look.
5. Make a fruit salad.
Summertime is one of the best times to enjoy a multitude of fresh produce, for which you otherwise pay a premium during the rest of the year. Take advantage of the warm weather and hit up your local farmers' market for berries, melons and crisp veggies.
6. Upgrade your dishwasher.
Sales on appliances abound during holidays like the Fourth of July, so now's the time to upgrade that failing dishwasher. In addition to marked-down prices, you can score additional savings with no-interest payment plans. Review offers from multiple stores and see if your preferred retailer will offer a price match.
7. Get out of town.
July represents one of the best times to travel to Las Vegas because it's scorching hot and even the locals would prefer to be elsewhere. Thank goodness for elaborate pools and over-air conditioned casinos. Check for airfare comparisons between popular airlines, and book your flight on a Tuesday afternoon for the best rate.