How to Go Gray Glamorously

It’s the addiction no one talks about: hair coloring. Highlights and all-over color can be hard to kick. The Dr. Drew of hair, master colorist Johnathan Gale of the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in Los Angeles, is here to banish your fears and show off your natural silver locks.

Now of course, many women fear entering “gray territory.” Luckily, Johnathan offers the expertise to answer your lingering questions and put the butterflies in your stomach to rest.

How can I get back to my natural color gracefully?
The color I create is very elegant, but as always any destination has its twists and turns. Luckily, we have the end goal in mind - to end the color addiction. I’m talking mostly about all over color. Returning to your authentic hair color does not mean we can’t enhance it from time to time, adding a few soft low lights or a flash of blonde now and then.  What matters is that we have stopped coloring the roots every three weeks and are in a place of freedom to sometimes play just because we feel like it. For example, when it’s summer and we want to add something that is bright, or winter is here and we add a touch of color to bring in a few darker shades to match the season.

What are the requirements for me as I go gray?
All that is required of you is a deep desire to love the gray hair. The practical side requires your going to the salon or spending more time having blowdrys and glosses to make it shine and look healthy.

How do I look modern and young with my gray hair?
Looking great with gray is all about the attitude. If you’re reading this, you’re already in the game, so find colors to wear that pair well with your new silver locks. Burgundy and plums and deep blues seem to make gray look amazing.  Think Meryl Streep in The Devil Wear’s Prada.

How long does the process take? What does it entail?
Allow a whole day for the process, there are many steps and it’s pretty much like painting a picture. Everyone is unique and depending on our starting point, the steps will align differently for each person. Here is a basic outline:
Step 1: Don't cover your gray for at least three to four weeks so I can analyze the strategy I’ll work with. Take the time to come in for a consultation if possible, I can even do Skype consultations.
Step 2: This step normally will be a massive amount of thin silver highlights, which can take a very long time (up to three hours). Because bleach is needed during this process, I will take great care to incorporate the chemical slowly and ensure the damage will be minimal.
Step 3: Oils and conditioners will be used to repair hair.
Step 4: Pearl toners and glosses to add silver and steel coloring.
Step 5: Lots of education on how to maintain the color and keep it from going yellow. My advice, get on a cutting schedule every four weeks and really be willing to trim away the old color. Be brave, I promise your hair will grow fast.

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