Win it! Ford Helps to 'Escape' Holiday Stress

The all-new Ford Escape (named the Ford Kuga in Europe and China), which hits the road next year, is a smarter utility vehicle. It brings SUV-lovers the versatility they crave and the highway fuel economy they've only dreamed of. 

According to a recent study, 87% of American adults experience stress when shopping during the holiday season, but auto related activities prompt the most stress during the holiday season (55%), such as traffic jams and longer commutes (23%), finding a parking spot (21%), navigating store to store (10%), and getting packages in the car when both hands are full (2%). 

With the holiday season fast approaching Ford has partnered with a stress-relief expert, Susie Mantell of, to create some stress-management tips to ease into the shopping spirit.
For example, “Stream Stress Relief: Are the holiday tunes on every station beginning to ‘jingle’ your nerves? Stream your personalized Pandora radio selection instead, or try satellite comedy to help you relax.”

Today Ford announced a contest to give away a VIP experience for eight different cities to win a hassle-free holiday, complete with a chauffeur to the mall! By writing your holiday stresses on the Ford Facebook page, it out to win prizes and ease holiday hassles.