Top Ten Things to Do with a Bobby Pin

It’s the perfect accessory to pin back wayward bangs and hold up a bun, but what else can these magical little pins do. Get creative with Goody Bobby Pins and try one of the Top Ten suggestions below:

1.       Got outfit drama? Bobby pins are the perfect solution for wayward straps and malfunctions
2.      Need to update a ponytail? Line embellished bobbies along one side
3.      Bookmarks are so 1992, grab a pin from your hair do
4.      For rock star edge, back comb to create height at the crown and secure with a color matching bobby
5.      String 100 bobby pins on a strand and you have a necklace
6.      Don’t match a bobby pin to your hair color for a modern, messy updo like Diane Kruger
7.      Dull hair got you down? Colorful bobby slides add a touch of pizazz during winter doldrums
8.      Slip a decorative bobby through the holes left behind by a cumbersome broach

9.      Dress up a quick work bun with embellished pins on display, like Chanel Spring 2011
10.   Something has to keep the hair off your face!