Kim Kardashian's On-the-Go Solution for Post-Divorce Puffiness

Divorce is devastating for everyone, and despite seemingly super-human powers, Kim Kardashian is no exception (and poor Kim has to go through it on TV!)

Kim should try Talika’s Eye Decompress—a portable eye mask that refreshes and soothes the sensitive skin around the eyes in minutes—to combat the redness and puffiness brought about by endless tears.

When placed into the Eye Decompress’ cooling blue liquid formulated with wild cornflower and rose petal extracts, a white capsule instantly transforms into a soothing eye mask. This compact, innovative packaging makes Talika Eye Decompress the ideal tool to keep on hand for spontaneous bouts of crying.
Or not-so-spontaneous: we can just see the PA yelling “Kim’s Divorce, Scene 2, Take 5!” now…

Talika Eye Decompress is available for $30 at