Scent Story: John Varvatos USA

The just released John Varvatos USA, $70.00, fragrance lives in a world that is polished, but rough

around the edges; it’s a place where hidden meaning is out in the open, but can only be

seen by those with a sixth sense for keeping things interesting. The John Varvatos 

USA man is old  enough to see possibilities, and young enough to  believe in  them,

driven with a Let's-Do-It attitude that is tastefully twisted.

“I have always been  inspired  by artistically-rebellious visionaries,” said  John

Varvatos. “This fragrance is for those who challenge perceptions of reality, because

they are the ones who open up doors we never knew existed.”

The Scent Breakdown:

Its a fresh and woody scent infused with a little swagger and a lot of soul. Relaxed, casual yet elegant, the fragrance is ushered through clean and bright notes, spiked with an unusual encounter of red ginger and vetyvert.

TOP NOTES: Top notes include red ginger essence from Laos, juniper berries, and
cedrat from Sicily

MID NOTES: Heart notes of blue spruce, green cardamom absolute, and osmanthus  

BASE NOTES: Background notes include vetyvert, belambre, and tonka bean from Venezuela.