Giuliana Rancic Asks Los Angeles To Feel Themselves Up

Giuliana Rancic has partnered with Bright Pink, an organization that empowers a younger generation of women to be proactive about their breast health, to create a new four-part myth-BUSTing video series. In the videos, Giuliana takes to the streets to quiz passerby’s breast cancer knowledge while BUSTing common breast cancer myths and arming viewers with helpful tips and information.

In addition to the video series, the Facebook application invites users to take the ‘Pledge To Protect Your Chest’, which encourages individuals to make small steps toward being more proactive about their own breast health.

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Giuliana Asks:
Does limiting your alcohol intake to one drink per day reduce your lifetime risk of breast cancer?
Does a woman’s body weight affect her breast cancer risk?
Limit alcohol to one drink per day or avoid it completely since there seems to be some link between alcohol and breast cancer, although we don’t know how strong.
Maintain a healthy body weight and limit fat intake. There is a clear link between obesity and breast cancer because of the excess estrogen production in fatty tissue.