Hot in TV: MTV's TR3S New Show 'Popland' Premieres on Monday

I got to preview a really cool show that’s premiering this Monday, October 3rd on the tr3s MTV network, called “Popland”. The show is written by the same folks that created the popular novela “Niñas Mal”. The show revolves around the story of Carla (Sara Cobo), a small town girl that moves to the big city and finds herself in a world full of glitz, glamour, and drama. More after the jump.

Here are the highlights:

  • New paparazzi-inspired and celebrity themed comedy from the writers of the hit series “Niñas Mal”.

  • Story centers around a celebrity gossip site “Popland” and its ambitious paparazzi, Carla Vive.

  • Funny, fast paced and pop-culturally driven with a ton of surprises.

  • Featuring established and emerging talent from the US and Latin America, such as Jon Ecker (son of telenovela mega star Guy Ecker), Sara Cobo, Manuela Gomez, Ricardo Abarca, and more!

  • “Click” from Latin pop star Anahi is the catchy theme song for the show. 
  • 70 one-hour episodes airing Monday-Friday at 6PM EST/3PM PST

In addition the show will be mirrored by an extension of the series created to deliver the latest celebrity gossip from the real world and the world of “Popland’. Viewers will have the opportunity to control elements of the show like choosing what characters will wear for red carpet events, among other interactive plot integrations. Fans can also claim if the site’s daily ‘chisme’ is true or false on “The Rumor Mill” and “Tell Your Scoop” lets visitors dish on the latest buzz and their personal gossip. Users will be also able to watch episodes, behind-the-scene clips and slideshows as well as photos and articles on the cast and characters by visiting