Stop Fitness Excuses Now!

We asked fitness trainer Ashley Borden for her solutions for common fitness excuses so you can stop self-sabotaging your health progress

PROBLEM: You avoid the grocery store because shopping is overwhelming.
SOLUTION: Jot down an inventory of what’s missing from your fridge.
§  Write down how many meals you will be eating at home this week.
§  Visualize/plan the meals ahead of time. They don’t need to be fancy!
§  Don’t over buy produce or proteins (that are perishable)

PROBLEM: You avoid workouts because you can’t afford a gym membership.
SOLUTION: Plan out your options ahead of time for the month. Reach out and ask someone to help make those commitments come to fruition.
§  Outside -- hike, ride bike, run, power walk rollerblade, surf, swim, horse back riding, basketball/softball games with friends
§  In-home – DVD’s are great! 
§  Be Creative – Look up specials for big gym chains for 2-week memberships that are complimentary. Or if you are a person who knows you only will use the gym 4 times a month, see if a day pass makes more sense financially.

PROBLEM: You avoid the kitchen because you don’t have the right cooking equipment.
SOLUTION: Stock up on necessities to make life easier, save money and keep food longer:
§  I love Rubbermaid square food storage containers, get an assortment of sizes!
§  Invest in a good blender – it will make amazing healthy smoothies.
§  Use a salad spinner! Crunchy salad has a longer life in the fridge.
§  Own a knife set. Good knives equal a safer kitchen! A basic set with a block helps organization and provides easy access.

PROBLEM: Too much negative, self-defeating chatter in your head.
SOLUTION: Put it somewhere other than in your friends’ ears!
§  Grab a journal. Use a timer and start with 10 minutes of free flowing thoughts. You are not writing War and Peace – don’t judge your writing. There is something powerful about seeing your thoughts in your own handwriting as opposed to on the computer. Once it’s on paper, watch your energy shift.
§  Make a list of friends to reach out to. Sometimes when you are in despair, we forget who we can reach out to and feel alone. It may seem silly, but a list of key friends you trust and respect can be a valuable tool in the darkest times. 

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