2011 Top 10 Coolest Beach Homes

Can you believe Labor Day is almost here? What could be better than closing the summer with a fabulous blast from the ocean and the coolest beach homes in the United States? Every year ranks the Top Ten Coolest Beach Homes for sale at U.S. beach communities. These are the 'coolest' of the 'cool' - a major part of summer beach sizzle like sun tan lotion, bikinis, surf boards and Jimmy Buffett. These homes have it all from amazing architecture to breathtaking ocean views and crashing waves.

Highlights on the 2011 list include #1 coolest home that is also on Dr. Beach's #1 rated beach in the United States...

A floating Malibu home with a secret tunnel...

and a bit of a change from the usual Pacific Coast dominance of the list. This year there are six East Coast homes on the list including three homes in the Hamptons.  

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