U.S. Sex Census Presented by Trojan

Household relationships, gender preferences and population penetration aren’t exclusive to the U.S. Census – new findings released today as part of the U.S. SEX CENSUS presented by Trojan condoms uncovers that the sexual habits of our nation are just as multiplied and diverse as the population.  
On a national level, the survey finds that the average American (18 and over) has sex 120 times a year (2.3 times per week), and reports very high levels of sexual satisfaction (76 percent satisfied). Despite the high findings, sixty-three percent of respondents still wish they were having sex more frequently. 
The geography of American sexuality points to a decidedly northeasterly trend in sexual frequency. Indeed people in the Northeast report having more sex than any other U.S. region, averaging 130 times per year (2.5 times per week), compared to the Midwest (125 times per year / 2.4 times per week), West (120 times per year / 2.3 times per week) and South (114 times per year / 2.1 times per week). When it comes to practicing safe sex, Northeasterners (43%) are more likely to report using a condom during sexual activity.

Population Shake-Up
From sexual fantasies to vibrators, 74 percent of Americans are experimenting with sex and embracing ways to enhance the sexual experience for themselves and their partners.
·         Across the four U.S. Census regions, the most sexually exciting place Americans have had sex is in a car (48 percent), followed by sex in someone else’s bed (33 percent)

·         When asked where they would like to have sex but have not yet tried, 33 percent of men said sex on a plane and 26 percent of women said sex on a beach/sea

He Said, She Said
The survey shows that men (83 percent) are certainly more willing to experiment as compared to women (65 percent), which may explain why men are more likely to describe themselves as sexually liberal (31 percent) versus women (16%).  
·         Men are more likely to report they enjoy both oral and penetrative sex equally (50 percent) compared to 32 percent of females. 
·         Seventy-one percent of men want more sex compared to 55 percent of females
·         The majority (85%) of men indicated that they had purchased a condom compared to only about one-half (51%) of women.
·         Men’s favorite sex positions are missionary (27 percent) followed by doggy style (24 percent); Females report missionary (45 percent) and reverse missionary (13 percent) as their top sex position
·         Men are more likely to discuss their sex life on Facebook or Twitter (15 percent) compared to females (6 percent)
·         More than seventy percent of Americans believe hooking up is having sex with someone outside of a relationship, with 40 percent of women saying they were against hooking up compared to only about one-quarter (22 percent) of men

Sex Talk in America
From downloading with friends to uploading on Facebook, Americans are open to talking about sex both on- and off-line.
·         19 percent of Americans have engaged in sexting and 19 percent have had online sex
·         18 percent have had sex with someone they met over the internet
·         10 percent have discussed sex on Facebook and/or Twitter
·         Americans are open to talking to their friends about sex, with 47 percent talking about sex with friends of the same gender and 28 percent  talking to friends of the opposite gender

Researchers say the data all adds up, painting a picture of American sexuality as diverse and satisfactory.