Safe Sun: 5 Tips For Runners

Fact and figures:
  • Skin cancer is one of the most common and fastest growing forms of cancer in the USA. In fact, one in every 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime (Skin Cancer Foundation).
  • Research shows UV exposure increases skin cancer, premature aging and other skin damage. 

1. Apply SPF before sun exposure. 
In order to be effective, sunscreen needs to be fully absorbed into the skin, so apply it 15 to 30 minutes before you even step into the sun. Check out Kiss My Face's Face Factor$12.95. The formula contains antioxidant Green Tea and Licorice extracts to help fight damaging free radicals. Anti-aging peptides help reduce wrinkles and a remarkably effective Linoleic Acid helps decrease sensitivity to sunscreens, naturally. 

2. Protective Your Eyes
Eyewear can be cumbersome during a sweaty run. We like The Oakley Half Jacket Polarized Sunglasses, $110. The polarized lenses cut horizontal glare out like no other lens can. UV filtering is 100%, and the frame is made of durable O Matter with Unobtainium components that increase grip with sweat.

3. Apply SPF to ALL exposed areas

No matter how the SPF level, sunscreen can protect only the skin it covers. Top missed spots: the temples, ears, back of the neck and hands. If you need some guidance there are sunscreens that contains disappearing colorants, so you see if you're covered. Check out a suncreen like Dora the Explorer Pink Sunscreen, $12.99. The micronized Zinc Oxide formula offers full spectrum protection, this sunscreen is not only fun but super safe and non-toxic.

4. Protective Gear
A wide brim hat is great but how about when you are active outdoors? Check out BloqUV activewear. The clothing provides UV protection with a minimum Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50; UPF is equivalent in and capabilities to SPF for sunscreens, blocking 98% of UV radiation. The functional pieces provide comfort with flat seams to prevent chafing, moisture wicking for fast drying and utilitarian pockets to carry keys, credit cards, mobile phones and iPods. Styles easily translate for daytime dressing, and some also include elongated sleeves for hand protection.  

5. Head Gear

Keep your head cool and your neck in the shade. Check out this the Protech hat by Headsweats, $26, The sweatband keeps you dry & comfortable and the UV sun protection helps you stay burn free.