Lotty Dotty: Interactive Tshirt Line for Girls with Flair!

Lotty Dotty, a Paris- based clothing company is proud to introduce their new interactive tshirt, allowing girls to play dress up with a “paper doll like image” displayed on each shirt. Stemming from the fond memories of founders, Shevanne and Maya’s passion for playing dress up with paper dolls, they created a line of clothing to reflect the love and desire inside every little girl's imagination. 
 The unique design allows the consumer to create an outfit by simply changing the clothes on the doll. Glam your doll up for a party, or dress her down for a casual lunch date using the mini accessories you can choose from. The screenprinted character has a beautiful colored Velcro bathing suit which allows one to attach the mini-outfits specially created for the dolls.

 The outfits chosen are special because an array of emerging designers from around the globe specifically create these mini collections for the Lotty Dotty line. This provides the opportunity for designers to showcase their work and gain recognition with web site promotions in addition to exposing their designs on Lotty Dotty tshirts.

Not only can you be stylish and creative with Lotty Dotty, but you can also help save the planet with the use of organic cotton and bamboo, as well as recycled material to produce the clothing. Lotty Dotty strictly works with environmentally and socially conscious companies and donate a portion of their profits to an established and transparent charity.
Each piece has a specific signature name and look, so every shirt is totally different. Spice things up with a blonde loving Lola bombshell! Since Lotty Dotty is tailored to each customer age range and size, there are two types of dolls offered. There are preadolescent (ages 4-10) as well as adult dolls (ages 12-50) that can be dressed and undressed directly on the tshirt.

The prices for the bow dress range from $50-$90 and additional dresses are sold separately between $15 to $45. The collection is available in stores in France and Italy such as Le Closet, Aloa, My Optics, Le Chateau and Temporary Concept Store.