Celeb Style: Easy DIY Summer Hairstyles

Most women tend to complain of bad hair days come the heat and humidity of summertime. Fortunately, Paul Cucinello, Creative Director and Celebrity hairstylist at the swanky Chris Chase Salon in Chelsea, reveals some easy DIY looks that will have women everywhere sporting their best summer locks ever!

Not having a good hair day? Not to worry! Get a chic, foolproof hairdo in seconds by using a sparkly hair accessory as seen here on Nicole Richie. Vintage brooches, headpieces and barrettes have been seen on celebs everywhere to add a little dazzle to their locks. The simpler the hair style, the more creative and fun your hair jewelry can be.

Dare to Bare It All With A Short, Sexy Cut
Beat the heat this summer and go for a daring, short pixie hair cut like Ginnifer Goodwin and Michelle Williams. Have your stylist leave more length on the top and texture on the ends. Use a blow dry crème such as ECRU New York Marine Styling Balm to reduce volume, then run a mini flat iron throughout the length of the top and finish with a pomade such as New York Streets Paste.

Giddy Up With An Equestrian-Inspired Pony
Add glamour to an everyday low ponytail like Lauren Conrad by parting hair on the far left or far right side of the head. Ponytails paired with a deep side part can be elegant and sleek or causal and flirty, depending on how the ponytail is styled. To create this look, start by running a fine tooth comb in an upward diagonal motion a few inches above the ear. Divide hair based on the part and set it with hairspray such as ECRU New York Sunlight Finishing Spray MAX. Pull hair into a low, equestrian ponytail, being careful to maintain the part.

Where’s the Beach? 
To create soft waves with a beachy texture and straight ends like Beyonce’s, first prep damp hair with a foundation mist such as ECRU New York Silk Nourishing Spray. Loosely French braid or twist hair to the side, working around the hair line. Be sure to leave the crown out and loosely braid the length of the hair leaving the ends out. Once hair is dry, undo the braids and shake out hair. Finish with a couple of blasts of dry shampoo such as Oribe Dry Volume Spray to give it that perfectly imperfect look.