Spring 2011: What to Purge and What to Purchase

Keeping your wardrobe up to date can be an overwhelming job, but with insight from style consultant Jackie Conlin, staying in style can be effortless. Jackie provides her tasteful tips on what to purge and what to purchase for Spring 2011.
What to try:
Open toe, ventilated bootie
Yes, I know it’s trendy, but so much fun and it can work with jeans, summer dresses and capris. I’m just not willing to stop wearing boots for the next 6 months.  I love them too much!
Mixing your whites –
This is not for beginners!  My basic rule is to keep the white-white near the face. For example, pairing a blouse with an Ecru jacket or skirt. This look is a little trickier than other trends, but when done well it is super fresh and chic.
Tucking in shirts –
 I am seeing blouses/knits tucked into pencil skirts or pants with skinny belts… I don’t think we have been wearing this look since we have been in the 21stcentury. That is a long time!  I think this will make a strong come back because it is flattering on a lot of woman and easy to replicate. I expect it to catch on quickly.  Before you go there, take an honest evaluation of your waistline and make sure it is still there.  Some of us will not be so lucky!
                                    Signature jewelry
We should all have a couple of stand-out pieces of jewelry in our wardrobe.  Items we love that represent something about our personality. Let’s say you like to keep your outfits fairly basic; jeans, t-shirt, cardigan or jacket. Adding one statement item (pendant necklace, chandelier earrings, or bold cuff) could literally take the whole outfit up a notch or two.  It is a way to create interest.  Scarves with colorful patterns are good for this too.
Final Tip:
Invest in one solid classic piece every season– I found a gorgeous classic navy jacket by The Roe. It is my favorite piece so far this spring. It was an investment, but it will serve so many purposes from casual to dress and will last forever.  
What should go:
Severely pointed pumps -
Designers have been introducing more round toe options (less menacing to the toes) and have softened the points.  Extreme points look harsh and feel even worse.  Loose them!
Super skinny jeans -
Straight jeans will stick around, but as trends swing back to wider pant legs, super skinny will look dated.
Leggings -
This is a look that can easily go wrong.  Let’s face it...leggings are quite difficult for the average woman to pull off.  Some common mistakes made while wearing leggings are: wearing with a top too short, not wearing the right shoes (could there be anything less flattering than leggings and flats?) and finally the too sheer leggings.  Bend over and nothing is left to the imagination!
Flip flops and other plastic foot wear –
I think we all know deep down this footwear is really not okay.  I wonder if people convince themselves that because shoes are not worn at eye level, people don’t notice them as much.  The wrong footwear can completely undo a beautiful outfit.  Shoes count!