Knife Style: No More Duck Lips

Beverly Hills Dr. Marc Mani Invents permanent Lip Pouting Technique without the use of Injections

When it comes to plastic surgery, most would agree that subtlety is best as compared to looking “done.”

Indeed, it’s about graceful accents and tiny tweaks – and anyone will agree that ballooned lips are hardly subtle.  With this in mind, Dr. Mani has revamped lip enhancement procedures to be less invasive and more au naturel. “It’s a special way of augmenting the lips that I’ve devised. It’s an in office procedure that is a nice permanent way to avoid lip injections.”

Dr. Mani’s technique is a specially designed advancement of tissue from inside the lip, a unique modification of what has been called a, ”V to Y” advancement.  What Dr. Mani did was rethink the approach to be less intrusive and more effective. “Older techniques would not give as much fullness in the middle,” Mani explains. “The advantage of this over other advancement techniques is the permanence, lack of scarring and the result.” Dr. Mani’s new technique creates a sexy pout and subtle definition, without the huge number of potential chronic complications and inflammationthat can occur from lip injections.

Lip injections, explains Dr. Mani, are expensive and painful. And while the results are temporary, repeated injections can create scar tissue. Mani’s new procedure is done once and uses existing tissue to increase lip volume and enhance shape. So say goodbye to face scarring and injecting foreign substances into your body.

The v-y "lip push" procedure can be used in correction of "duck lips," when combined with other procedures to remove injected materials from the lips.  This replaces the "fake" look with the patient's own lip tissue, giving a softer, more natural pout.

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