Spring Training: Know Thy Feet

Trainer Ashley Borden Says to Get a Great Body, Get Off on the Right Foot

“98% of the clients I have ever worked with are astounded when I tell them that their feet have everything to do with why their body is shaped a certain way,” explains LA-based fitness expert Ashley Borden, who travels the country training clients like Natasha Bedingfield, Ryan Gosling and Taraji P Henson.
“Your feet are the foundation of your entire body, so my primary focus when clients begin with me is on foot placement, arch analysis, and proper support,” says Borden. “When you build a skyscraper, you need to have a strong foundation. Collapsed arches, for example, lead to internally rotated hips, which causes saddlebags.”
A few of Borden’s Meet Your Feet tips include:
KNOW YOUR ARCHES – is your foot pronated or supinated? Do you have a high arch or a collapsed arch? Go to a specialized shoe store where they watch you walk and evaluate your gait. Sometimes local drugstores even have a Dr. Scholl’s kiosk that can tell you whether or not you need arch supports and what kind.
SOCK IT TO ME – Yes, socks can affect your workout. Many socks today have wickable fabrics and built-in arch support. These socks also prevent blisters and sock slippage, which can allow for a longer more comfortable workout session.
THE RIGHT SHOES – Wearing the right shoe is critical. If you have wide feet and are trying to stuff them into a narrow shoe, your foot will feel suffocated. It’s essential that you have comfort and proper support for arch control – which helps with stability, performance and ankle, knee and back support.
THE MARATHON TIE Most shoes have eyelet holes at the very top of the shoe – which usually go un-laced. These holes are there to provide additional support for your ankles. A lot of times people try to tie their shoes too tight when they are really looking for ankle support.
“Your feet determine your body’s muscle firing patterns – when you don’t use them correctly, it can distort the kinetic chain of your muscles.”                                    
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