How Rude Are You? Evaluate Your Mobile Manners

Texting or typing while driving. Sending emails while walking. Using mobile devices while on a honeymoon. These are among the top pet peeves cited by U.S. adults in a recent survey conducted by Ipsos and sponsored by Intel Corporation to uncover the current state of mobile etiquette in the United States.
p_0Nine out of ten American adults claim they have seen people misuse mobile technology, and 75 percent say mobile manners are becoming worse compared to just 1 year ago, according to the survey.

Did you know that one in five U.S. adults admits to checking their mobile technology device even before they get out of bed in the morning, as reported in a 2011 survey commissioned by Intel Corporation on the topic of mobile etiquette.

The study also found that nearly all U.S. adults (91 percent) have seen someone using their mobile technology device in an unusual place, with 1 of the most commonly noted locations being a public restroom (48 percent). This according to a 2011 survey commissioned by Intel Corporation on the topic of mobile etiquette.

As mobile etiquette guidelines continue to evolve, here are some tips by author and etiquette expert Anna Post of The Emily Post Institute:
  • Practice what you preach: If you don't like others' bad behavior, don't engage in it.
  • Be present: Give your full attention to those you are with, such as when in a meeting or on a date. No matter how well you think you multi-task, you'll make a better impression.
  • The small moments matter. Before making a call, texting or emailing in public, consider if your actions will impact others. If they will, reconsider, wait or move away first.
  • Talk with your family, friends and colleagues about ground rules for mobile device usage during personal time.
  • Some places should stay private: Don't use a mobile device while using a restroom.

For more on mobile etiquette kindly check out the video below.