National Children’s Dental Health Month

During the month of February 2011, in recognition of National Children’s Dental Health Month, Nature’s Gate will offer 40% off of a RADIUS purchase with every Nature’s Gate order placed via RADIUS will also offer 40% off of a Nature’s Gate toothpaste purchase with every toothbrush purchase made via its website, The goal of the program is to educate and encourage natural product users to take a more holistic approach to their oral care regimens.

300“We chose RADIUS as a partner because we share important core values: the desire to both promote the health and well-being of the end user as well as that of the environment,” said Jennifer Schweitzer, Nature’s Gate’s brand manager. In addition to promoting oral health, both brands incorporate environmentally friendly materials into their products and packaging, including natural, recyclable and post consumer recycled materials.”

ngNature’s Gate toothpastes include the exclusive AntioxiDental Blend of Seven oral health botanicals that work to protect teeth and soothe gums for a healthy feeling mouth. Ginger and Bisabolol, derived from the Candeia tree, work synergistically to help reduce gum irritation and inflammation. Cranberry, Pomegranate and White Tea, botanicals rich in antioxidants, help prevent bacteria from forming on teeth, inhibiting gum disease. Grapeseed extract helps reduce the level of bad-breath causing bacteria while the antiseptic properties in Aloe Vera fight germs while soothing gums. Brushing with these gentle yet effective ingredients helps reduce plaque build-up while freshening breath and promoting all-around good oral health. All of these new upgraded products also include a new gentle, biodegradable and sulfate-free surfactant system derived from coconut oil.

RADIUS was founded 27 year ago by Kevin Foley and James O'Halloran, two architects who were fascinated by the idea of a functional and enjoyable toothbrush. Radius aimed to make the toothbrush comfortable, enjoyable and effective. With a mass of very soft bristles, a large head area for low pressure brushing and a comfortable handle, this toothbrush lets you brush lightly and accurately. Focused on ergonomic design for right- and left-handers, RADIUS products are considered the premium natural oral care option today.

imagesCAKZNQPJNature’s Gate products are available at health and natural food stores across the U.S. and Canada or by visiting

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