FIRST LOOK: The Young&ng Fall/Winter 2011 Presentation at BODIES Exhibition

image001The Young&ng ( Fall/Winter 2011 Presentation demonstrated not only the striking new collection but also the power and intricacy of the human body.

Held at the BODIES Exhibition in New York, the show allowed guests to first observe the human body in its rawest form as they made their way to the presentation room. Inside the Red/ Heart Chamber presentation room, the dimly lit show united the pieces of the human body and brought them to life through with body painted models adorned with couture headpieces and cuffs from the Fall/Winter Young&ng collection making their way through the room's natural runway.

image003The venue was chosen for the show, primarily because the Red Room at the BODIES Exhibition was the main inspiration behind the Young&ng Fall/Winter 2011 collection, which incorporates detailing that resembles blood cells, bones, and lean muscle tissue. Michelle Ng, the designer and creative director of the brand notes that "the detailed veins, the blood cells, and the recognition of the importance of each tiny piece hidden inside each of us is what contributes to the life of the body.  When you enter the Red Room at BODIES, it steals you away into a world of your own that exists within you. We wanted to take advantage of this existence by adding Young&ng to it and taking our audience into our world within their world."

image005To create this other-worldly experience for the show's guests, a solo cellist strung a touching note while the models were painted with Mac body paint and Ramy Cosmetics for the face. The overall look was composed to create an "after-thought of beauty" according to the beauty director of the show Justin Tyme Hissey of Warren Tricomi on Madison Avenue. "The ghostly look of the girls showcased the jewelry giving the idea that fashion will live on long after the body fails and the memories of beauty fade."