Step Up Yo Kick Game: ZipUp Laces

zipupTo help spring into the new decade, Anton Leather is revamping the way we tie our shoes, with the launch of their new product ZipUp Laces, the futuristic zipper shoelaces that require no tying.  These blinged out laces come in both metal and plastic form. Let your inner rock star shine by accessorizing with the Anton Leather silver laces or hit the gym with the lightweight plastic version for your minute cardio sess.

The metal laces come in two different lengths for additional comfort and convenience, and you can choose from gold or metal for a fun way to jazz up your footwear.

The lightweight plastic zip up laces are available in a wide variety of colors ranging from blue to pink, adding flair to any old or new shoe. The laces are weather resistant and perfect for everyday casual wear.

zipup2Anton Leather will also be releasing an exclusive custom designed Converse Chuck Taylor zip up lace sneaker that will only be available to a select few for a limited time only. Each easy to slip-on pair is personally signed by the designer, Anton himself, and come complete with a built-in zipper on the back side. These babies aren't your typical high-tops, so be street smart and grab a pair of these hand-made graffiti styled leather kicks before they sell out!

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Creators Anton and Mel are the innovative design team behind the fashion forward brand, Anton Leather, who create reversible clothing and accessories from traditional leather skins, as well as exotic skins such as alligator, python, stingray, and ostrich. These reversible garments offer you two products for the price of one, featuring a flip side that may be a different color, accent, or even a totally different stitch!