StyleLikeU Presents the Closet of Ally Hilfiger

Today StyleLikeU presents the closet of creative consultant, stylist, and clothing designer Ally Hilfiger. In watching the interview, you will discover an Ally that is original, unentitled, and true to herself. 

Alexandria Hilfiger from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

In her video interview with StyleLikeU, Ally shares her personal history, her career as an artistic director, stylist, and co-designer of a clothing line with her friend Nary Manovig (closet to come). Having been immersed in her father's company her whole life, Ally's style and vision is highly evolved. Her earthy side speaks to the influence of her father and their mutual appreciation for indigenous cultures. She is inspired by her extensive international travels; for example, she wears llama bells from Cuzco as a belt and loves her diaphanous maxi dress because it is the color of "dirt". At the same time, she understands the virtues of classicism for professional attire via her heritage and is evocative of Katherine Hepburn. Despite the diversity of the pieces she displays in her interview, they are all cohesive with her taste.
"The stereotypes that are placed on you when you have a certain family or a certain background are so harsh," Ally notes. "But at the end of the day it's in your blood - it's in my blood - to be in fashion." It is in her blood but she has made it her own.
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