The Right Present for Him: Holiday Gifting Matrix

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the special guy in your life? HerWay (Sadie Hawkins of online dating, shared some great holiday gift ideas for your man.

So, what is the perfect gift for that special someone? Well that depends:

1) First things first, are you a sugar mama? Or maybe you’re broke as a joke.

2) Second, how long have you been dating? 3-4 dates only, 3-4 months or long-term.

The HerWay Holiday Gift Guide Matrix breaks down the perfect gift for your beau with fun ideas that will make you a gift-giving guru. 


The HerWay Holiday Gift Guide Matrix

What kind of girl are you? 3 to 4 dates 3 to 4 months of dating Relationship

· Top-shelf liquor and crystal decanter

· Engraved cigar cutter

· Sporting-event tickets and dinner

· Skydiving

· A classy statement piece like cufflinks or a designer scarf

· Go motor biking together

· High end car accessories like speakers or new seat covers

· Season tickets to sporting events


· Custom iTunes Playlist online, or Personalized Starbucks gift card or Amazon

· Go-cart racing

· Large, glossy coffee table book on one of his interests

· Surfing Lessons

· Sports memorabilia

· Sexy lingerie - It’s for him anyway!

· Golf clubs and/or golf lessons

· Pre-pay his favorite car detailer for his next few visits


· Mix CD

· Steak dinner or barbeque and sides.

· Men’s magazine subscription

· Play at a golf course together

· Movie passes for next date

· Cooking lessons together

· A long massage with candles and mood music

· Plan a poker night for him and his friends

· An “I-O-U Coupon Book” of things you will do for him: go see the latest thriller/action movie, give sexy massages, do laundry and ironing, be ready on time, etc.

· Homemade snacks for guys’ sports or game night…