Great Gift for Anyone: The Hottest iPod Dock: Chinon AVi Docking Station

Chinon_AVi_nanoChinon USA, a digital technology innovator, announced that its AVi video/music docking station is fully compatible with the Apple iPod nano with Multi-Touch, maximizing the music listening enjoyment of this newest generation of iPod with its room-filling 2.5W dual speakers.

The AVi is the ideal partner for the ultra-compact nano, complimenting its portability with its own. Designed after the classic all-American boombox, the AVi is lightweight and comes with a carrying handle for on-the-go entertainment at the beach, the park, the pool or anywhere else fun takes you. Just place your iPod nano into the AVi's universal docking adapter to share iTunes music, uploaded digital photos, and podcasts with your friends.

The Chinon AVi also lets Apple enthusiasts with earlier-generation, video-ready iPods view iTunes videos, movies and TV shows on its 7-inch widescreen LCD, as well as to display digital photography just as they would on a standard digital photo frame. Amazingly versatile, the AVi even receives Over-The-Air TV broadcasts to allow viewing of your favorite shows on the go. In addition it has an FM radio and alarm clock built in.

The Chinon AVi is available for $179.99 at, and It comes with a wireless remote control, TV antenna, AC/DC adapter, AV cables, and Aux-in cable.  For more information, visit