Get The Look: Blake Lively’s Chic Hair From The Spike TV’s Scream Awards!

Blake Lively looked flawless from head to toe at Spike TV’s “Scream 2010 Awards”. To complete her long, gray Lanvin ensemble, Lively opted for a simple, sleek style for her hair. Emilie Luciano, ECRU New York Styling Director, provides simple how-to steps and the products needed to create Lively’s chic hair style.

First, start by running ECRU Silk Nectar Serum throughout hair from roots to ends. Next, take a boar bristle paddle brush and brush hair until it’s smooth and ready to be put into a ponytail. ($32.50)

Ecru _Then, use a rubber band to start placing hair in the motion of a ponytail, but do not pull the hair all the way through. Instead, keep hair looking like a loop. Dirty the loop with some ECRU Sunlight Styling Spray. Then, take hairpins or bobby pins and pull and tuck random strands of the loop in different directions, working into the shape of a round bun. Pinning the hair here and there with each strand creates that messy bun look. ($22.95)

Ecru_Once the shape is formed, finish the look with ECRU Sunlight Finishing Spray MAX to really hold the style in place. ($22.95)