Speaking of Beyonce…


Is there a baby boy on the way for Beyonce? Following the news that R&B star Beyonce Knowles is may be pregnant with her first child Irish bookmaker Paddy Power have released odds on what the bootylicious babe will call the little nipper.

It’s 4/1 that Beyonce and Jay Z name the bundle of joy Matthew after Beyonce’s dad and mentor while it’s 5/1 they call the baby Tina after Beyonce’s mother. The name Tina could also be a tribute to the Queen of Rock & Roll, Tina Turner.



Other names on the bookies list of possibles include Shawn, which is husband Jay Z’s real name, at 9/2 and JayZJ or Jay Junior at 16/1. Outsiders on the list include Destiny, after Beyonce’s band Destiny’s Child at 100/1 and Gwyneth, after close friend and movie star Gwyneth Paltrow, also at 100/1.

It’s 50:50 on what the gender of the baby will be with Paddy Power quoting 5/6 that it will be male and 5/6 it will be female. The odds on the showbiz couple having a set of twins is 33/1!
Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power said: “There have been no sightings yet of Beyonce shopping for pink or blue baby clothes so it’s impossible for us to predict what the sex of the baby will be but she is extremely close to her parents so she could choose to honor them by naming her firstborn after one of them.”
Name of Baby
4/1 Matthew
9/2 Shawn
5/1 Tina
6/1 Corey
8/1 Gloria
12/1 Jason/Jay
14/1 James
16/1 Beyonce
16/1 Giselle
16/1 Jordan
18/1 Angel
20/1 Jayden
20/1 Jessica
20/1 Jacob
20/1 Mia
25/1 Madison
25/1 Taylor
25/1 Cameron
25/1 Preston
25/1 Ava
25/1 Isabelle
33/1 Sasha
33/1 Bonnie
33/1 Brandon
33/1 Leah
33/1 Etta
33/1 Christopher
40/1 Nicole
40/1 Hailey
50/1 Martin
66/1 Michelle
66/1 Clyde
80/1 Kelly
80/1 Africa
80/1 Brooklyn
80/1 Barack
100/1 Baby-Z
100/1 Gwyneth
100/1 Destiny
100/1 Marshall
100/1 Mariah
200/1 Roca
200/1 Grammy
250/1 Dre-Z
500/1 GaGa
500/1 Lay-Z
Others on request
Sex of Baby
5/6 Boy
5/6 Girl
Multiple Birth
33/1 Twins
500/1 Triplets
5000/1 Quadruplets