jpeg2Out of Print Clothing, the infamous classic novel tee shirt line, recognized for donating books to Africa for every purchase, has surpassed a major donation goal at the time of their launch. Their one-year goal was to send an entire container full of books to Africa, yet Out of Print Clothing has surmounted expectations of book donations, and has announced that they are three months ahead of schedule. Todd, co-creator of the clever line explains, “In October 2010, Out of Print fully sponsored and sent a 40-foot sea container [560 boxes] of donated text and library books to be distributed to schools and libraries in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.” The container is expected to arrive in November 2010.

In addition to new updates to the "classics" lines for men's and women's, Out of Print is now offering tees for ‘tots! Jeff, a co-founder of the brand, describes the new initiative of OoP as “paving the way for a more "intelligent" fashion trend…this time it’s within the kid’s arena. Our kid’s shirts are stand-outs when compared to the masses of children’s clothing companies doing Disney or other cartoon characters.  There’s a lot of class and irony when a kid wears one of these book tees--plus what parent wouldn't want their kid to look smart at such a young age?” The unisex collection comes in sizes 2T, 4T, and 6T and includes five classic adult literature titles: Moby-Dick, Catcher in the Rye, Pride and Prejudice, The Origin of Species, and Brave New World. So grab them for your ‘tot while they are still hot!

moby dick pride prejudice brave new world catcher in the rye

Finally, Out of Print presents their “Originals” collection. The brand’s first “Originals” line, in collaboration with award-winning graphic artist Mikey Burton is intended to attact the attention of young adults and gets them interested in reading by re-imagining the covers of four great classics with a 1960s/70s rock and roll poster-type edge and attitude. Mikey Burton, an Ohio native, describes his design aesthetic as “Midwesterny”; drawing much of his inspiration from artifacts found throughout the hardworking, blue collar Rust Belt.  Since earning a BS/MA in Visual Communication Design from Kent State University, Mikey has received awards from Communication Arts, Print, HOW, CMYK, Logo Lounge and was featured as Print’s New Visual Artist. Mikey now lives in Philadelphia. The stunning visuals for the “Originals” collection are rocker-chic and come in four styles available in men’s and women’s: The Great Gatsby, The Outsiders, Animal Farm, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Check out the new styles on the OoP web site: for men's, for women's and for kids.