Between Pimples and Wrinkles: Products Targeted Toward 25-Year-Olds

Recently, skincare companies like Orlane, Perricone MD and Natura Bisee have begun tapping into a new market with regimens formulated for the 25-year-old age group.
Too old for acne treatments designed for hormonal teenage skin and too young for full-blown anti-aging treatments, women in their twenties have long been neglected of products that meet their specific skincare needs. Around age 25, the production of substances like hyaluronic acid and collagen, substances crucial for young-looking skin, decreases. The initially hidden effects of these changes emerge five or ten years later as wrinkles on the skin’s surface.
Orlane, Paris spearheaded the trend earlier this year with a three-step regimen called Anagenese 25+, including
· Morning Recovery Concentrate First Time-Fighting Serum ($100)
· First Time-Fighting Care Eye Contour ($85)
· First Time-Fighting Care ($100)
Formulated specifically for women from 25 to 35, Anagenese 25+ postpones the onset of aging using pro-growth factors and crinopexy technology while providing instant, visible improvements to the skin’s luminosity and tone. Available at