Road Trip: Norte A Sur

NORTE CAST CollageYoung American Latinos today are known for being explorers, creators, challengers, tearers-down and builders-up. Like every generation of American youth, they are questioning the “what is” and looking for the “what should be”. For them being a pioneer is a mixture of their culture, style and music. They are influenced by the world’s cultural landscape and authentic distinctions of their own. The question is: Where we can find these modern day Latino pioneers?

This fall, Levi’s invites you to ‘Go Forth’ through the lens of the Norte A Sur, Una Rut a... 5 Experiencias show where viewers will get a chance to join five modern day pioneers traveling along the Pan-American Highway to discover more about themselves and their roots. The journey will be broadcasted on Discovery en Español from September 25 through November 27, 2010. Throughout the journey these modern day pioneers will make local stops to engage with the Real Work of communities and explore different cultures through the fields of art, music, design and fashion.


Viewers of Discovery en Español will get the chance to be part of the journey through the online community at where, among other things, they can see the travelers’ status updates, make their own comments, send pictures and video, and virtually experience the travelers’ journey. Fans can also interact with the travelers through a dedicated Norte A Sur, Una Ruta... 5 Experiencias Facebook page and even share their own visual journey by posting their favorite pictures on the Norte A Sur, Una Ruta... 5 Experiencias Flickr site.