Backstage Beauty: Z Spoke by Zac Posen

It’s LeAura here! And I’m rounding up runway looks for Spring 2011.

Z Spoke Zac Posen RunwayBackstage at Z Spoke by Zac Posen, a team of 18 hair stylists transformed the runway models into “modern-day Marie Antoinettes ready to hit the streets of NYC,” said got2b celeb stylist Larry Sims.

The show featured three distinct hairstyles (created with lead direction by Odile Gilbert) with one common theme: CURLS, CURLS and more CURLS!




Not only were the looks modern, chic and downright cool, but they are so easy to create at home. All you need is a ¼ inch curling iron, got2b hairspray and these DYI tips from Larry Sims.

Whether you want to rock the Deconstructed Bun, Playful Pony, or French Twist, start with these curling instructions, then follow the specific steps for the hairstyle you want to achieve.


Curling Instructions
Using a ¼ inch curling iron, stylists curled the model’s entire head, being sure to curl the sections in opposite directions.  Sims says that this curling technique “allows ringlets to look and feel more organic.” Stylists sprayed the curled strands with got2b 2sexy hairspray for hold and shine.


Deconstructed Bun
Sims explains that this look is meant to look a bit messy. After curling the hair, he recommends brushing the hair out “almost until it’s frizzy,” then pulling in into a bun on the very top of the head, leaving a few loose tendrils along the hairline. Be sure to set the style with got2b 2sexy hairspray.





Playful Pony
These bouncy up-dos complemented the flirty mini dresses in the Spring 2011 collection. After the whole head is curled, Sims says to brush the hair back into a pony, smoothing strands with got2b’s cashmere-infused smooth operator hairspray. Just like the deconstructed bun, a few loose tundrils should be left around the hairline. If you want to give your pony a little extra bounce, Sims recommends spraying the curled pony with got2b’s collagen-infused fat-tastic root-boosting spray.


French Twist (with a twist!)                  

We’ve never seen French Twists like this before! This hot rocker-chic look featured a French roll in the back, accented with a curly quaff on the forehead. Sims suggests you “curl the front of your hair into small sections and then pull the rest back, twist and secure with a few pins so it still looks undone.” The front curls should be held in place with got2b 2sexy hairspray, while the twist should be held with got2b smooth operator hairspray to achieve the soft, polished look.