Dos Equis & The Most Interesting Night Out


Last night, New York City’s Hudson Hotel held a top secret event: The Dos Equis CARGO HUNT Launch Party. There were food, drinks, performances, a variety of entertainment and for those adventurous folks a few Cargo Hunt competitions such as digging through a bug pit and trekking through quick-sand. Oh yeah and there were prizes, much like the online hunt!

Dos Equis Cargo Hunt Event - 10   
As legend has it, during a routine circumnavigation of the world, the Most Interesting Man's personal aircraft malfunctioned, and he was forced to parachute much of his priceless artifacts mid-flight across North America. Many were recovered. Many were not. He is calling upon his loyal friends to use all their vast talents to help recover his private collection in the Dos Equis Cargo Hunt.

,Dos Equis Cargo Hunt Event - 8Dos Equis Cargo Hunt Event - 13 Dos Equis Cargo Hunt Event - 12

By signing up for the Dos Equis Cargo Hunt players become “Cargo Hunters” and collect virtual treasures in several ways: through the Cargo Hunter’s map on the website, through codes on specially marked Dos Equis packaging, and at special promotional events this summer. Various prizes are given out along the way and at the end the players with the most artifacts qualify for a Cargo Hunt grand prize – an all-expenses-paid trip to Mexico. For more info check out the Cargo Hunt website,