Spring Into Fitness…with new kicks

sister_group The 2010 Winter Olympics have inspired us to step up our spring training. Watching athletes like long-track speed skater Jennifer Rodriguez, aka J-Rod, compete for gold had us thinking about what it takes to get there. J-Rod and many other female Olympic athletes rocked gear and kicks from Nike’s Pro Collection.

zoom_flysister_plusFor Spring 2010, Nike continues its long history of innovation with a new line of Nike Pro base layer apparel specifically designed for women. Incorporating insights from female athletes at all levels, elite athletes to teen girls, Nike has updated the fit, fabric, function and color of the line to address the specific needs of the female athlete. When it comes to the footwear the athletes relied on the technology in Fly Sisters footwear for their Olympic training needs.

The Fly Sister Collection for Spring 2010 represents Nike’s lightest and more flexible training footwear ever made. Helping the female athlete train to be stronger and faster, the collection features Nike DiamondFLX and Flywire technologies. Want to know more about the technology and shoe design? Nike DiamondFLX is a training specific innovation that addresses the multi-directional movements found in training exercises. Unlike running shoes, which are made to move exclusively in a forward motion, Nike DiamondFLX outsoles are siped in a diamond-shape pattern to allow for the multi-directional movements that training requires.
The Fly Sister Collection also incorporates a new configuration of Flywire, a revolutionary lightweight support system that uses thin and incredibly strong fibers to provide support where the foot needs it most.

I got the scoop on some multi-directional training drills of Olympic athletes and Nike trainers. The training session is comprised of an hour's worth of 1-2 minute drills focused on the five fundamentals of athleticism--core, cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. So if you wanna train like an athlete visit and try ‘em on.

The Training Cheat Sheet

Dynamic warm-up consisting of walking, jogging, skipping and stretching

Lateral squats/lateral bounds

Push-ups (1-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-1)

Tricep push-ups

Single leg dead lifts

Split squats/single leg alternating bounds

Squats/squat jumps

Planks/side planks/superman extensions

Burpees with shoulder presses

Side lunges into single leg squats

Plank rows

Mountain climbers to squats

Fire hydrant kicks

Step back lunges with over head tricep extensions

Russian twists/crazy ivan's

Cool-down stretching