Red Haute Celeb Beauty Looks (Try These Hair and Makeup Looks At Home)

Red Haute Celeb Beauty Looks


Inspired by Jennifer Hudson's fun, fearless attitude, makeup artist Shannon Pezzetta gave Jennifer Hudson a soft, clean look with a pop of color on the eyes. Pezzetta highlighted Hudson's gorgeous cheekbones with a hint of pink blush while fun, blue eye liner complimented her edgy new haircut and Citrus Dior gown. HELLO FLAWLESS!

  • Jennifer HudsonFace:
  • Lancôme Teint Visionnaire
    Lancôme Dual Finish Pressed Powder in Suede
    Lancôme Blush Subtil in Shimmer Pink Pool
    YSL Poudre Sur Mesure in 4 Toffee

  • Eye:
  • Lancôme Color Design Eye Brightening All-in-One 5 Shadow & Liner Palette in Kissed By Gold
    Lancôme Artliner 24H in Sapphire
    Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl in Black Lapis
    Lancôme L'Extrême Mascara in Black
    Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brown Pencil in Deep Brown

  • Lip:
  • Lancôme Rouge in Love in Sweet Embrace


Celebrity hairstylist Aviva Perea gave Zoe Saldana super sleek, simple hair for the American Music Awards. Inspired by Saldana's lace and leather Rouland Mouret gown, Perea kept her hair shiny and chic while a heavy cat eye added an edge to her rocker-glam look.

zoe saldana 1Step 1 – Prep

  • Perea prepped hair with Frizz-Ease Curl Reviver Styling Mousse, applying it to the roots to add extra lift to Saldana's blowout.

Step 2 – Style

  • Next, Perea blowdried Saldana's hair sleek and straight with a large Spornette mixed-bristle brush. Taking one inch sections, Perea spritzed Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat Styling Spray from root to end and ran a flat iron down each piece.

Step 3 – Perfect

Perea finished off the look by coating Saldana's hair with Frizz-Ease 100% Shine Glossing Mist so her hair glistened under the lights on the red carpet. To ensure her style stayed sleek and frizz-free all night, Perea sprayed Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray to her finished look.

Ms. Richie gave us so much white hot drama we dedicated a separate post to her hair and make-up look HERE!

x700 (2)

Lust List: Get Linked-In

It doesn’t get much more classic than chain-link jewelry. Linked-InBut this season, the versatile look encompasses a full range of styles, from sophisticated glam to hip-hop chic. We’ve got what you need to rock the trend. Shop now!

linked jewlery 1

Our favorite piece:


WON30001022Here's a little tip: Layer up your luxe links and don’t be afraid to opt for chunkier chains!

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Hollywood Glamour: Every Starlet Has Her Own Style

Hollywood Chic Boutique

Every so often I look to the past for inspiration. My first stop is Old Hollywood! It’s iconic, well documented and usually leads to a Netflix marathon. Here are some women from film with style for days (on and off the set of their timeless films):

Greta Garbo … Dark, Sharp, Minimal. Hints of Androgyny. Strong and Self-Confident.

gg chicThough she shrank from the spotlight, her sense of style wowed the world, and though she may be one of the earliest fashion icons, Greta Garbo is in some ways the most modern. In spite of her character’s elaborate costumes, she favored casual minimalism – wearing strands of pearls in public, and in private, a single gold ring.

Elizabeth Taylor … Smartly Sensual. Diamonds and Statement Pieces. Bold, Bright, and Never, Ever Boring.

elizabeth_taylorAbove all else, Elizabeth Taylor knew two things: 1) How to put on a show, and 2), How, with the right attitude, to make anything look fabulous. Derek Blasberg of Harper’s Bazaar put it best: “She made wheelchairs red-carpet accessories, worked a tracheotomy scar at the Oscars, and showed off that even silver hair can be gorgeous.”

Grace Kelly … Cool and Classic. Pearls and Subtle, Expensive Details. Poise and Absolute Elegance.

grace kellyAs movie star or Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly epitomized that high society look and made it drop-dead gorgeous. For her, style was all about using subtle details and accessories to give that million-dollar look to anything she wore.

Marilyn Monroe … Super-Feminine and Sexy. Brilliant Color, Brilliant Diamonds. Fantastic Fun.

marilyn-monroe-More than fifty years have passed since her heyday, yet Marilyn Monroe is still hailed as one of the sexiest women in film history. She reveled in her curves and soft femininity, and with her ruby-red lips, platinum-blonde hair, glamorous accessories, and infectious smile, she’s sure to be stand out as a style icon for years to come.

Audrey Hepburn … Effortless and Chic. Elevation of Everyday Elements. Simplicity and Line.

audrey hepburnAudrey Hepburn may not have had the bright hair and voluptuous curves trendy in her time, but that didn’t stop her. She was all about discovering her own tastes, accentuating her strengths, and making fashion work for her. The result? She helped put Givenchy on the map and practically invented the little black dress.

Who are some of your fashion icons?

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Jewelry 101: From Drab Stone to Druzy Drama


If you like mixing earthy, organic style with a dramatic flair, there’s nothing quite like cut geodes and druse. But gorgeous as these stones are, they start out as rough, lumpy, rusty rocks.

Like many other stones, geodes are either the cooled results of a volcanic explosion or mashed-together minerals and sediment. But while regular rocks are solid, others contain gas bubbles or rounded cavities. Once the outer surface hardens, water vapor and minerals like silicates and carbonates (ingredients often found in glass and ceramics) leak through and are trapped in the pockets.

After thousands of years, those minerals form a fine layer of tiny crystals known as druse or druzy around the inner hollows, creating rounded geodes or more irregular-shaped vugs. Quartz is the most common type of druse, but you’ll also find agate, chalcedony, and garnets (just to name a few).

Most geodes are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but occasionally, someone stumbles across one of epic proportions. Some, like the geodes in the South America’s Paraná Basin, are big enough to hold a person (or two). And that’s just the beginning. Ohio’s Crystal Cave sports 3 ft. long crystals, and Mexico’s Cave of Crystals (Is it just us, or were the people in charge of names running a tad shy on creativity?), contains an astonishing 39 ft. long, 55 ton shard of selenite. Just a shot in the dark, but we’re guessing that might be a bit much for anyone’s jewelry box.

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Summer Style: How Will You Wear Your Sarong?

It’s sad, but true: we can’t all live in Tahiti. But that doesn't mean you can’t take home a piece of fashion paradise. Create your own stunning view—give your look a tropical twist with splashes of color, cool shades, silky sheer waves, and glamorous summer scarves & sarongs.
Here are some of our faves from Chic Boutique:
We love the sarong’s versatility. Give a little here, tie it up there, adjust a knot here … and you've got a whole new look every time you wear it!

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Summer Accessory Statement: Body Chains

We love summer. It’s the only time we can bust out the sandals, the bikinis...and that stunning body jewelry.

We love necklaces. Really, we do. We love those chunky chokers when we feel like going strapless. We love those magnificent pendants and long, winding beads that so fabulously fill out our collars. But sometimes, we’re just in the mood for something different—especially when the weather heats up and we feel more like shedding accessories than piling extra on.

Enter the body chain. Check out our new collection of strikingly chic body chains - then check back next week for more summer statements!Bdy Chain Collage

Hear that? Summer’s calling. Break out the sandals, the crop tops, the flowy skirts and cheeky shorts, the bikinis … and the body chains, too!

From simple tees to sundresses, body chains are fantastic for spicing up light, slight summer attire. Click here to rock this on-trend body jewelry!


They’re edgy, yet chic. They’re light and cool. They can be slight and subtle, perfect for adding that finishing touch of shimmer to a simple outfit, or they can drape in luxe multi-strand layers for an intense diva experience. And they’re the perfect accessory for any summer scene.

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15 Fab Accessory Finds for $15

fab finds


Some love tiny, glittering touches. Some love casual style. Some love bright hues and bold design. But we can all agree on 2 things: We love a sale, and when you love something, you share it. So we’re sharing some of our favorites for just $15 each.

WON20001055WON20001058WON20001059 X-copy YIN2004

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The Principles of Punk


punk liz hurleyThe Costume Institute of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art opened their Chaos to Couture exhibit, earlier in May – a look at and celebration of all things punk in the high fashion world. And we love it.

Why? Well, we believe every person creates their own style.

At times, it can be easy to see the fashion industry as a small, elect group of high fashion gods, secure in a looming ivory tower, handing down unbreakable decrees and reprimands like “SPARKLE SHALT NOT BE WORN BEFORE THE HOUR OF 5PM” or “THOU SHALT NOT MIX AND MATCH THY PRINTS” or “HOW DAREST THOU WEAR MORE THAN ONE BOLD COLOR?”

punk 1But then there was punk. It was of the people – and not just any people: Low-brows. Anarchists. Iconoclasts.

It bucked the establishment. It threw postmodern art, ‘60s garage rock (and beyond), and every strain of youth culture – no matter how disparate – together in a gloriously chaotic mix. It was everything fashion snobs should have hated.

And yet, it not only found its way into high fashion – it rocked its socks off. It proved that with a good eye, a strong point of view, and a ton of creativity, anyone could make a fabulous fashion statement.

Even if you’re not much of a punk person, are there some punk principles that ring true in every style situation.

·      The First Rule of Punk: There Are No Rules … Okay, some rules exist for a reason. But if you’re experimenting with your look, you’re bound to bend (or break) a few rules along the line – you just have to know when. Feel like mixing 60s and 80s styles? Give it a shot. So you’re a lady, but you love that cuff in the men’s section? Flaunt it anyway.

ER1004_RAMONES·      Do It Yourself … You don’t need thousand-dollar diamonds to be fabulous. Sometimes, all you need are some studs, a few chains, and recycled materials like padlocks and old subway tokens. The more unorthodox, the better.

·      Get Loud … Don’t be afraid to make a strong statement. Be energetic, be bold, be tough, and be a free spirit.

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Designer Spotlight: Vanessa Mooney

Vanessa Mooney

I wanted to get you the skinny on a designer new to my boutique.

Meet Vanessa Mooney:

Born in 1980, Vanessa Mooney is a rare breed of a Hollywood rebel, harnessing a unique look and attitude, which transcends into her distinctive accessories line.  The great-granddaughter of Harry Warner (one of the original Warner Bros.) has been infatuated with the freedom that art provides and obsessed with all forms of art, music and fashion, her entire life. It was in 2009 when she founded her eponymous line under a core idea: let uninhibited design intuition lead the way.

Self-taught, Vanessa designs everything in her studio in Downtown Los Angeles, combining unexpected materials and techniques that make each design feel brand new.  Eclectic in her personal style choices, she portrays “model-off-duty” fashion with a rock ‘n’roll, boho-chic edge.  An avid traveler with a keen interest for unexpected beauty, she derives inspiration from different ethnicities and cultures.

With an ever growing following embracing her designs including celebrities like Katie Holmes, Vanessa Hudgens, Venus Williams, Jennifer Lopez, Lily Allen, Juliette Lewis, Devendra Banhart and Hayden Panettiere… Vanessa Mooney may just be the one to watch.  Her pieces can be found in over 500 of the top specialty stores and boutiques in the U.S. and abroad, including Bergdorf Goodman, Cusp, ShopBop, Madison and American Rag Cie. She can also be found in pages of Harper’s Bazaar, In Style, Nylon, Cosmopolitan, Us Weekly, Marie Claire and Glamour to name a few.  She has scored high-profile collaborations with premiere U.S. retailers like:  Calypso, Urban Outfitters, Club Monaco, Madewell, and is now expanding into handbags and footwear.

Handcrafted, often intricate, always unique and ever imaginative; Vanessa Mooney is a brand, a lifestyle, a state of mind.

Q: Hi Vanessa! What are some of the things you're into?

A: I love the beach, the mountains, the ocean but I also love the city—L.A., NYC, and Paris! I have always been interested in anything related to the arts whether it was music, painting, or fashion. I grew up in Hollywood so music and street style were always something I related to and was into. I have a love for anything that is creative and inspires others to be creative. I find beauty in so many things, like people and their expression of what is interesting and beautiful to them

Q: What inspires your jewelry making?

A: For me it's always an accumulation of sights, feelings, and ideas that start off my collections—I am always looking and watching everywhere I go. I always feel a combination of inspiration as I get going and the pieces are completed. I like that feeling of random combinations that occur when I am done and I look at the overall collection! It doesn't feel forced but more of a flow from one piece to another. 

Q:What type of girl wears your jewelry?

A: I feel I design for that girl on the street, who you pass by and look twice. It is for someone who isn't afraid to be themselves, and tries to experience new things in life and their travels. I think the girl that wears my jewelry wants something different, so instead of doing what she sees other people do, she makes it her own in whatever way she does! 

Q: What are some tips you would give to someone who is interested in buying jewelry, but doesn't know where to start?

A: Definitely build a collection of pieces! Jewelry is super fun and can make clothing exciting. Start with something that gives you a good, sexy, tough, or fun feeling when you have it on, while also complementing your body or personality! I surprise myself all the time with suddenly wanting to wear something I would have never thought I would be into. You just have to go with it try not to limit yourself!

Q: Do you have any idols when it comes to jewelry?

A:I don't know that I have idols but I really admire the work that other jewelry designers do. Pamela Love, Pade Vavra—there are so many!  

To purchase some new pieces visit:

Steal Her Hairstyle: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba ShoopingJessica Alba is one of those celebs that keep us wondering how she always looks so chic. The Latina mommy was spotted wearing a cute braid finished with a Kitsch hair tie while grocery shopping on Memorial Day in Los Angeles! Kitsch

Jessica Alba ShoppingThe busy mom-on-the-go used her black Kitsch hair tie from the "Basics" set ($9.99) to put her hair in a loose braid as she shopped with her daughters, Haven and Honor. We love these super practical hair ties in hair matching or bright colors. We hear there are other celebrity fans of Kitsch include Alessandra Ambrosio, Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough, Hilary Duff and Anna Sophia


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Accessory Trends: Go Animal

Walk on the Wild SideFashion was born in the natural world. For as long as we can remember, we’ve worn furs, feathers, fangs, claws, and other animal motifs to make a powerful statement,  both socially and spiritually.

Today, we figured we’d look at some of the biggest trends to feature fauna, from ancient accessories to modern runways. Was your favorite critter ever a style icon?

Egypt, 3000 – 332 BCE: As they found the divine in all things animal, we’re not sure the ancient Egyptians ever put an outfit together without throwing in a little creature feature – from outstretched wings to feathered headdresses to the vulture and cobra insignia on the Pharaoh’s Hedjet crown.

Central America, 250 CE – Today: Mayans and other Central Americans were almost as obsessed with animal themes as the Egyptians, creating complex and vibrant designs with deer, monkeys, jaguars, eagles, snakes, and even squirrels. You can still find their patterns in textiles woven today.

116281954: Pinup girl Bettie Page showed she was one cool cat in a self-designed leopard print bikini. Since then, we’ve loved leopard print for almost every reason imaginable – it’s luxe, it’s exotic, it’s punk, it’s adventurous, it’s sexy, it’s primal, it’s dangerous…

And speaking of 1954, dare we mention the debut of the Playboy Bunny? According to LOOK Magazine’s Oriana Fallaci, founder Hugh Hefner picked the rabbit logo because “it's a fresh animal, shy, vivacious, jumping – sexy.”

(2008-Now): Designers love bringing the big cat to the catwalk, and big names like Betsey Johnson and Dolce & Gabbana have really rocked those leopard and tiger prints in the last few years. Though if you’re not a kitty person, you could always find your animal spirit in zebra stripes and snake motifs from Roberto Cavalli or foxy fashion from Jean-Paul Gautier.

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Celebrating Baby Bumps…& Accessories

Baby Bump

Inspired by Mother’s Day, this week we decided to put a spin on two of our favorite pastimes – finding creative ways to style fashion and Chic Kitsy Lane looks and stalking (wait, did we say stalking? We meant … um … following) celebrities. The result? We’ve had a ton of fun pairing famous moms-to-be with our favorite accessories …

·      Expect Elegance … Look up taste in the dictionary, and you may actually find a picture of Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Britain’s Prince William exudes absolute elegance as only royalty can. For her, only the height of Chic would do.

·      That Glamorous Glow … Much like Halle Berry, these sophisticated yet radiant looks are sure to take the world by storm with their Hollywood glamour. Also inspired by Ivanka Trump, Kristen Bell,and Penelope Cruz.

·      Bold, Baby / Popping with Personality… Trendy, flirtatious, and utterly bold, Kim Kardashian proves you can still rule the style scene in a baby bump – and so do these jewels. Also inspired by Jessica Simpson and Fergie (no, we will not make a “my bump” joke – everyone else has already made it).

Expecting or not, what’s your favorite style? Sign up and see for yourself at Chic Boutique

Jewelry 101: Inspired Silhouettes

Ever since civilization began, we’ve worn jewelry not only to pretty ourselves up, but to feel inspired by the otherworldly and divine, give ourselves a little extra luck and security, and express ourselves through wearable art.

Jewelry 101 Inspired Silhouettes

You’re probably familiar with some of these symbols, but do you know them all?

The Cross – In western culture, the cross is most recognizable as an important Christian symbol – a reminder of death and resurrection, love and sacrifice. But similar shapes also have meaning outside Christianity. Since the stone age, cross symbols have been worn all over the world for decoration and meaning – like the ancient Egyptian Ankh, a symbol of life and fertility.

The Nazar (or Evil Eye) – Though the “evil eye” is now thought of as little more than a mean-spirited glare, being on the receiving end of this cruel look was bad news back in the day. Without protection, you could expect a world of bad luck or injury. So how did you fight it? With apotropaic (how’s that for a fancy term?) symbols like Hamsas (see below) and Nazar, eye-shaped talismans of concentric circles. Once that hideous glance hit a Nazar, it would bounce back - think of it as the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” principle at work.

The Hamsa (or Khamsa) – Meaning “5”, this hand-shaped design has been popular throughout the Middle East and northern Africa for millennia. Much like the Nazar, it defends against the Evil Eye and also represents blessings, power, and strength. It’s an incredibly ancient symbol – maybe more than 4000 years old. It really took off with the advent of Islam (though many Imams saw it as a form of idolatry, and thus, weren’t exactly thrilled with it). Through Islam, its use spread to Judaism and some Christian communities.

The Tree of Life – Talk about a look with roots! For thousands of years, this symbol’s popped up all over the world – from ancient Persia and Egypt to China to North America to Germany and Scandinavia. While details vary, its meaning generally remains the same: we’re all interconnected, to heaven, to creation, to all life on earth.

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Mother's Day Must-Haves


Mother's Day Must-Haves: Part I

Searching for the right gift for a busy Mom? Whether she’s running a home or running to the office, a light touch of gentle style can make her feel pretty in seconds.

Say “I love you” with these lovely looks. Check out our all-new Must-Haves for winsome delicacies & graceful charms – and pick out a treasure for the woman who treasures you. Look for the flower icon next to styles that will ship in time Mother's Day.

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Guy’s Accessory Guide: Arm Candy for Him

Don’t get us wrong. We love our man. We love that he’s worn his favorite watch for five years. We even love that shabby old baseball cap he sports at every game he’s ever been to. But sometimes (*ahem* Guys? Are you listening?), the same-old-same-Arold just doesn’t cut it.resource_436

Looking for a twist on masculine style? Check out these moods:

· West Coast McConahay… Laid-back and just a little rugged, ropes and natural wood make easy comfort seem effortlessly cool.

· Clooney Classics… Smart, clean looks echo the spirit of a classic car or fine cologne: thoughtful and dignified, yet brash.

· Urban Rocker Depp… Rakish and all the rage, metallic skulls and tough bullets show off that irreverent style and gritty charisma.

3 Ways to Wear That Diamond Dazzle

diamondsIf you’re an Aries, you’re a bright, flashy spirit with a taste for simple excitement. If you’re a Taurus, you’re all about effortless, easy class and basking in traditional luxury.

But different as they are, these personalities share one April birthstone: that simplest and most luxurious of gems, the Diamond. And while the two may go together like oil and water, diamonds (and clear, simple stones like them) can be either girl’s best fashion friend. Looking to tune these classic stones to your own taste? Here’s a few ways you can shine:

1.     Bright as a Star … Just as the brightest stars can be seen from hundreds of light-years away, these brilliant Swarovski crystals, chunky bangles, and cascading earrings will set you apart from a crowd of hundreds. Styles like these make for the quintessential diva – the perfect look for an intense, self-assured Aries.

2.     Cool as Ice … This barely-there look may be understated, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t luxe. Exude a quiet yet cool confidence in crisp cuts set in clean silver lines and classic gold. They’re well-suited for that famous Taurean work ethic – with their polish and flawless taste, they add just the right touch to a professional ensemble.

3.     Sweet as Sugar … Okay, let’s say you don’t hold to this star sign silliness – you just want to look pretty. That’s simple enough. Show your flirty, feminine side with whispers of cz’s, tiny stone snowflakes, touches of pink, and pops of red.


March Madness Style: Hoop It Up



Are you game for a great deal? Join our March Madness Hoopla, peruse our (post)season picks, and find your sweet spot with slim lines, [cardinal reds, devilish blues,] and chic rims.

ATR20001011 This one is good too.<br />BLE20001003KAS20001001 (1)KAS20001002LVP20001007

Sports puns aside, we love the versatility of these simple earrings – they lend an air of polished grace to any outfit, be it a suit, gown, or jeans.

Emerald City

Between crowning Emerald the Pantone color of the year, gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day, and returning to Oz, we’re seeing the world through green-tinted glasses. Whether color-blocked or left to shine on its own, Emerald is truly the hue du jour.



“Multifaceted Emerald …brings a sense of clarity, renewal, and rejuvenation, which is so important in today’s complex world.” - Leatrice Eisemann - Executive Director of the Pantone Color