Tighten and Tone From Anywhere With Hilliard Studio's New Streaming Workouts

Just this weekend Hilliard Studio Method added a new workout video, Booty Sculpt, to their online video subscription service. Joining over 500 minutes of efficient and effective workout moves, Booty Sculpt allows clients anywhere in the world to quickly strengthen their glutes and the surrounding muscles while also building bone density in the hips and strengthening the core.

Utilizing only a chair or countertop and their own body weight, Liz Hilliard and Clary Hilliard Gray teach viewers how to safely and efficiently sculpt their seat in this ten-minute workout. Offering modifications and advancements throughout the video allows those of any fitness level to see results and to transform her body without spending hours at the gym.

With videos ranging from beginner to advanced, from eight to 60 minutes and from using only body weight to using weights and bands, there is something for everyone. This easy-to-use platform allows clients anywhere to target certain areas and tailor their workout to their specific needs. New subscribers will receive their first two weeks free and new content will be added monthly, allowing them to consistently keep their workout fresh and their body strong.

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