New Yorkers Have the Most Wrinkles. Here’s Why.

You know New York comes out on top when it comes to the food scene, nightlife, culture, real estate prices—but now, wrinkles? In a recent study by RoC, New York was ranked as the #1 most wrinkle-prone state. The ranking was based off of commonly known skin agers like UV exposure, geographic elevation, commute times, stress levels, and pollution.

So what’s behind the fact we’re all walking around with wrinkles we don’t deserve—and, more importantly, how can you help your skin stay youthful and glowing? We turned to popular Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk to explain it all.

“New Yorkers spend a lot of time outside, and because the city isn’t in a super sunny or hot climate, people think they don’t need to worry about the sun or sunscreen. But that’s not true because you’re being exposed to dangerous UV rays on a daily basis,” says Dr. Rizk. “You’ve got to treat every day like a day at the beach.” Another factor: high stress levels, especially from long, hair-pulling commutes.

Luckily, says Dr. Rizk, you’re not destined to a face full of lines. Sunscreen and stress-busting strategies are two things every New Yorker needs in her youth-preserving arsenal. If wrinkles already plague you, Botox can freeze the muscles that cause wrinkles in your forehead and in between eyebrows; facial fillers like Juvederm will smooth out small lines and creases in other areas of the face. A facelift or necklift can permanently erase the I’ve-lived-in-New-York-Too-Long look if you’re dealing with loose, hanging skin, deep creases or jowls. And for those who don’t want to fill or freeze, Dr. Rizk performs lots of jowl (lower facelifts) and neck lifts on women in their 40's. Experience shows that they then age better, never get the “done” look and the outcomes lasts longer.

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