Locks We Love: Margot Robbie

We loved seeing Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie at the NYC premiere of the film. We also loved her cool & easy hair. Naturally we asked celebrity hair stylist, Renato Campora, how he created the stunning look for Ms. Robbie. 

Renato started the look by applying KMS ADD VOLUME Volumizing Spray and KMS FREE SHAPE hot flex spray to her damp hair to create a voluminous base, using the VARIS Blow Dryer.

Once her hair was completely dry, Campora left a few pieces out in the front and pulled the rest together at the base of her neck. He then twisted it using a rubberband to pull the hair through once, pulling through halfway on the second time to create a loop. Campora then used a hair accessory to secure the looped hair over the rubberband. He then wrapped the remaining hair around, using bobby pins to secure it and pulling out a few random pieces to create more of an "undone" look. Lastly, Campora sprayed a bit of the KMS FREE SHAPE 2-in-1 styling + finishing spray to hold the look in place for the evening.