Treat Yourself With Wafels & Dinges

We're so excited to share news (and newness) from Wafels & Dinges, the company that delivers savory treats to all New Yorkers and fans alike, surprised its loyal local and international base with by announcing it will begin serving a Spekuloos Croissant and Spekuloos Chocolate roll, sure to become instant classics. 

Wafels & Dinges Bryant Park LeAura Luciano.jpg

Partnering with the award-winning New York City French Patisserie, Ceci-Cela and famed chef, Laurent Dupal, these delicacies offer a great mix of both European culinary fixtures. By pairing up a delicious Belgian product with a famous French one, customers will indulge in a new sweet treat. Ridiculously tasty, the idea to combine Belgian spekuloos spread with the French croissants is one for the ages.  Rolling off the tongue with no fancy name, the products will be positioned as simply, "spekuloos croissant" and "spekuloos chocolate roll" and be fixtures on the Wafels & Dinges menu board.  At $3.44, the spekuloos croissant is here to stay!

Created by the Belgians and French in tandem, this deliciously unique concept was created as a result of Brexit fallout and is symbolic of EU's strength and unity. 

Uncompromising about their high quality of product, the customer satisfaction will be quite evident. The Belgian Ministry of Culinary Affairs invites everyone to enjoy the quirky and fun experience ahead!

Check out the video for more of the story.