6 Ways You Might Be Making Your Hair Frizzy

Wanna know if you're really doing all you can to prevent and correct frizz? We asked EverSoPopular contributor Andrea Claire to share 6 ways to fight it!

1.  When using styling products it's important to evenly distribute them throughout the hair by combing. Finer toothed combs for straighter hair and wider toothed combs for curly hair. Some curls react badly even with the wide-teeth so opt for just your fingers and scrunching the product in. Bear in mind, being too handsy, just like a guy on a bad date, completely ruins it. Less is more.

2. Tools are important too. Most dryers, irons etc use ceramic or the like. Moist heat helps to maintain hair health and less-to-zero breakage which then also minimizes frizziness. Drying your hair completely before going out will also keep the frizz at bay. If you prefer to air dry then again, remember not to fiddle with your hair too much as it's drying, especially if it's curly as then the hair just separates and goes frizzy. Invest in a boar bristle brush. Boar bristles carry your natural oils through the hair which is a natural frizz fighter!

3. There are also great treatments that you can do. Have you jumped onto the Olaplex bandwagon? I've been using it on my clients for a year now. It's a mane maven's miracle. You can add it into salon colour services or do a stand alone treatment. Working with ingredients found in your hair, it strengthens stressed tresses from the inside out. Since hair can be compromised, not only from chemical services but styling, swimming, and the environment it's a product for everyone. I've used this on my 8 year old daughter whose frequent swimming did a number on her hair. My private clients in Singapore have given feedback that they've seen a massive reduction of 'frizz' since I've been Olaplex'ing. Not one client has said they haven't noticed a positive difference. It's an easy sell.

4. Want to DIY? Not to be considered an Olaplex replacement, a pre-shampoo anti-frizz treatment by John Frieda Frizz-Ease Ten Day Tamer that does work. I asked for the Singapore PR company to send me a sample and since not everyone has time to sit in the salon it's good to see what else is available. Simply apply this to your hair ahead of you shower, read a magazine or make some avocado eggs*, 10 mins later, shower. 

5. If you find that you are frizz-prone in the humidity, talk to your hairstylist about adjusting your hair cut or technique used. IE ditch the texturizing sheers and go for some razored texture, which by the way, is a myth that razors create frizz (unless you have curly hair). Frizz comes from dull razors not sharp ones (curly q's do, however, need to stay away from razors)

6. Whether straight or curly hair, post hair washing, wrap your hair into an oversized white t-shirt to absorb water vs roughly towel drying as the fibre in terrycloth will lift the cuticle layer of the hair causing friction, potential breakage and frizz.

Together we can join hands and win the fight again the frizz.

Andrea Claire is a beauty expert with extensive print, runway and on-air makeover experience. Her talent and hard work has presented her with opportunities to work in Toronto, L.A., Paris, Thailand, Singapore and New York. Andrea has years of experience both on-camera and behind the scenes in television. Follow her adventures on Instagram!