Career News: The Enternship is where millennials are out & the 40 set is in!

Thinking about a career change or reentering the workforce? Well we are excited to share an opportunity via one forward thinking pr house: Wunderlich Kaplan Communications.

Yesterday marked the launch of THE ENTERNSHIP- a new program for women of all ages and backgrounds to re-enter the workforce in an exciting, fast-paced and productive environment. This newly founded program was created for women who are tired of millennials stampeding over them at work, women who jumped the corporate ship, for vibrant retirees or moms looking to break back into the workforce.

Many of us have witnessed our friends, unable to dive back into work uncertain on how to approach the workforce after several years at home. We have observed friends and family members, get bought out of their contracts, be passed over for their younger counterparts or denied jobs because of too much experience. It is estimated that today, in the United States, there are upwards of three million women that have advanced college degrees trying to re-enter the workforce.  At Wunderlich Kaplan Communications (WKC) we are committed to empower a women's movement by helping them find a better way to re-enter and hope that other companies will follow our program.

Based in New York City, WKC’s paid Enternship program allows women to still have an income while learning the tools, skill and trade during flexible hours of their choice. The agency will teach women how to create PR campaigns, plan events, write pitches and press releases, research for clients and more. Additionally, blogging and v-logging, emerging communication technologies and the ins and outs of social media and digital strategies will be explored. Not only will the women gain hands on experience, they will also begin to make new connections in the real world, which let's face it, we all know is key in the business of Public Relations.

Wunderlich Kaplan Communications will be accepting applications starting June 1st and those that are chosen will be notified by Friday, June 10. The agency will be accepting eight interns – of all ages, backgrounds and experiences – for the Summer 2016 program. Cover letters and resumes may be submitted by emailing with the subject line ENTERNSHIP. WKC understands that an internship may not be viable for everyone, but WKC has a solution!  Women can also sign up for Wunderlich Kaplan’s 4-week intensive night class program, PR 4.0 and Social Standards: The Next Generation, held in their New York City offices. The program is priced at $395, limited to 35 women.

With flexible internship positions, WKC plans to help women take back their place in the workforce.

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