Meditate anywhere! Yes, really.

Right now, people are looking for serenity and calm. With the busy holiday season fast approaching we all need some ways to unwind no matter how busy we are. 

Well maybe it's time to rethink meditation. We recently learned about: RELAX-SING, created specifically to help you feel deeply relaxed, calm, less tired, free from tension and happier. Michel Pascal sings you through a meditative journey. 

This new way of meditation, created by Michel Pascal, is a new approach to learning how to meditate. The goal is meditate anywhere; to recycle our tensions at the workplace, in the traffic, subway, supermarket, etc.

Michel has taught for Google, Nestle, Harvard, the Amity Foundation and children from high risk communities. Want to try RELAX-SING with Michel? If you're in New York, he is performing a  concert on Monday, Nov. 14 at Carnegie Hall to benefit Stay’n Out (

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