Nostalgic Halloween Ideas: 70's, 80' + 90's Inspired Costumes

This Halloween, ditch the “sexy kitten” costume and feed your nostalgia obsession!

Fashion illustrators at Chic Sketch, a fashion-forward mobile app that converts photos into “Instagrammable” fashion sketches, have sketched a few blast from the past Halloween costume might provide some costume inspiration this year.

Ziggy Stardust


Elvira Hancock in Scarface

80's Whitney Houston

Kelly Kapowski in "Saved by the Bell"

Clueless (Cher + Dion) 

Romy and Michele

Carrie from Sex and the City

Bonus: Beyonce

Not quite retro but since "Lemonade" is an instant classic. Queen Bey also is a constant source of inspiration!

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