How Thierry Mugler Does Luxury Differently #RefillingArt

Recently I attended the Single Edition + InStyle #SummerSocial event in New York City. I was especially thrilled to see a top fragrance house at the event.  I noticed a big crowd of guests around Thierry Mugler’s activation. The ambient light made it hard to see what everyone was being drawn to. I had to get a close look since one of my favorite scents is by Thierry Mugler and I was excited to be able to chat with the brand reps to learn some new things. As I made my way over I saw the fragrances Angel and Alien (my favorite) on display. In case you are not familiar with the brand, Thierry Mugler has paved a road of Haute Perfumery since Angel was born in 1992. 

I met with a rep and told her my favorite scent was Alien because of the woody and floral notes. She told me the scent story, that the woman who wears Alien is an enchantress from another world. She glows with well-being and positive energy. I couldn’t agree more!


The scent itself is a revelation, it is described as a woody amber – solar floral fragrance. For me the scent is a juxtaposition of notes: it is familiar yet unique; classic yet exotic; earthy yet luxurious.

What I learned next blew me away! It wasn’t anything new in fact Thierry Mugler has been doing it since their beginning. I’m talking about Thierry Mugler Source.

Since 1992, The Source has reinvented the tradition of perfume fountains born in the 18th century. Then, exquisite perfume bottles from major perfume houses were refilled as desired with their original fragrance. It was a special service for a select circle that showed admiration for the bottles as art themselves. It is said that Queen Marie-Antoinette even had her own personal perfume fountain.

The Source, an avant-garde creation, allows customers to have their precious bottles refilled directly in stores with one of the two legendary Thierry Mugler women's fragrances (which are 100% true to the original): Angel Eau de Parfum and Alien Eau de Parfum.

Going beyond being an eco-responsible approach, the refilling process offers a new type of luxury: responsible luxury. The Source and eco-refills restore the value and preciousness of Mugler perfume bottles. Save money while also taking part in responsible practice. The impact:

  • One Thierry Mugler refill (Angel & Alien) is performed every 7 seconds
  • 2,300,000 bottles and cases are saved each year
  • 383 tons of waste are spared each year

In stores, the customer watches as the advisor places it under the tapered cartridge, thus protecting the fragrance from air and light, and then turns the locking ring into place. Not a drop of the refill is lost, and the ritual is performed in complete silence. A new way to experience luxury and save the planet in one simple step.

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This post is Sponsored by Single Edition Media on behalf of Thierry Mugler. All opinions are my own.