The 3 Jucing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Diet & How To Fix 'Em

We can all admit that fresh juices & smoothies are having a moment. Whether you DIY or pick up a pre-made bottle of your favorite mix everyone can agree on this healthy choice and even a key to weightloss. Well, there are some caveats to getting healthy benefits and avoiding the pitfalls.  

Not all juices are created equal. Some constitute a healthy, low-calorie, high-nutrient well-rounded snack that helps you fuel your body right while shedding pounds. Others can pack more sugar and calories than a candy bar. 

Avoid these common juice-making land-mines to ensure that your drinks are helping you get healthy, stay energized, feel full and lose weight while following a healthy weight loss diet and exercise program.

1. Watch Your Fruit Selection. Whole fruits are high in vitamins, minerals and fiber, and give your juices and smoothie a fantastic punch of sweetness with natural – rather than artificial – sugars. But sugar is still sugar, and packing in too many fruits can start to tally up the calorie count. Your body also breaks sugar down rather quickly, leaving you hungry and craving more food an hour later. Portion the amount of fruit that you use, and choose high-fiber options like apples, berries, kiwis and pear rather than melon or cantaloupe. It’s also important to pair your fruit with protein, to keep your blood sugar, energy level and food cravings from spiking and crashing soon after polishing off your shake.

2. Keep Solids in The Mix. Blending up a handful of healthy, low-calorie foods into a well-balanced snack or small meal replacement once or twice a day is a convenient and delicious way to help you stay energized, stick to a good eating plan and lose weight. However, turning all of your meals into liquid lunches throughout the day can have the exact opposite effect. Your body doesn’t register liquid calories the same way it does solid ones, so sipping all of your food through a straw rather than chewing it can turn on your body’s “starvation” response, triggering hunger, cravings, and a slowing metabolism. Try SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Mixed Berries Drink Mix and drink with a meal. 

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3. Don't Forget Fiber. Fiber is every dieter’s BFF. Upping your daily fiber intake is one of the most simple and effective ways to start dropping dress sizes. Involve high-fiber foods like kale, berries, raw nuts, beans, prunes, chia seeds, flax, hemp hearts, a tablespoon of plain cooked oats, or a fiber-fortified protein powder.

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