How to Get Back in Your Wife or Girlfriend's Good Graces

Any guy with a wife or girlfriend has likely landed in the doghouse at one time or another.  But chances are, he didn't commit his crime on National Get Out of the Doghouse Day – the one day a year when doghouse dwellers are given a get out of jail free card.

Yes, there is such a day, and this year it falls on July 21st.  So for any bad boys out there who are planning to take the prince out of Prince Charming, this is the day to do it.  For the remaining good guys, this humble holiday serves as a gentle reminder that when it comes to the dreaded doghouse, staying out -- is a whole lot easier than getting out.

This counsel comes courtesy of Doghouse Houdini, a woman who has made it her business to help men get back in the good graces of their wives and girlfriends when things go bad.  "My motto is, whatever you did wrong, we can make it right," says the former PR professional.  "We all screw up sometimes, and the best thing to do is simply swallow your pride and apologize. "

According to Houdini, saying I'm sorry -- and meaning it -- is the most important thing a guy can do when he's in hot water with his girl.  "A heartfelt apology is the first step toward forgiveness, but if you want your stay in the doghouse to be as short and painless as possible, giving her an apology gift is definitely the way to go." 

Houdini has taken the guesswork out of finding the perfect apology gift at   This one-of-a-kind online store is filled with creative and romantic gifts ranging from jewelry and candles to cashmere and perfume.  There's even a stuffed donkey for the guy who needs to apologize for acting like such a jackass.

Best of all, she's written messages to go with each gift so guys don't even have to come up what to say.  Lastly, each present is beautifully wrapped and shipped overnight right to her door.  "My goal is to make it easy for men to make amends," she says.  "For me, every day is Get Out of the Doghouse Day."