Uptown Fashion Week: Designer Edwing D'Angelo

On July 16th Designer Edwing D’Angelo, presented his SS16 men’s collection titled“LIBERTÉ, ÉGALITE, MODERNITÉ”, presented by Uptown Fashion Week during the CFDA’s first Men’s New York Fashion Week, a standalone showcase of American men’s fashion. The event was held at the highly celebrated Punto Space located at 325 West 38th Street, NY, NY.

Photo Credit: Manonce/@manoncemanonce

Photo Credit: Manonce/@manoncemanonce

The collection was inspired by Rock-N-Roll and the ideology of authentic generational identity; which like the French ideals of liberty, social and political equality; has transcended time. This collection explores how government and men have always looked to Music as the grand equalizer that brings us all together. D’Angelo sees that harmony in fashion.  “I believe fashion is the common denominator which crosses the socioeconomic divide and allows the masses to dress up as aristocrats and vice versa, resulting in a multi-dimensional consumer said D’Angelo.” “Like at a rock concert, everyone is there to express their individuality, while still in a union that transcend social class or status. That unspoken fraternity is what I call Modernity.”

Today’s men exercise the freedom to express their identity within fashion trends. Rock music drives them to declare themselves modern and proud.  Today’s men are tearing down barriers that have for too long defined their masculinity and are allowing themselves to be a Rock Star on their own terms.

About Edwing D’Angelo

Edwing D'Angelo is a chic and dashing Colombian-born New York fashion designer emerging through mainstream America. His work has been featured on television networks and featured shows including: CNN, MTV, NBC's "The Today Show", ABC's "Good Morning America", CBS's Morning News, The Associated Press and MSNBC.

About Uptown Fashion Week

Uptown Fashion Week is an eclectic fashion event that fosters a mixture of emerging, established, and celebrity fashion designers from all over the world to build a meaningful fashion trade; all while nurturing creative opportunities. Uptown Fashion Week continues to actively build a fashion bridge from Downtown NYC "The Fashion Capital" to Northern Manhattan. The semi-annual week takes place at the historical United Palace a venue rich with style and timeless elegance. With the top-notch guest list and international media coverage, Uptown Fashion Week reaches a multitude of consumers and continues to grow each year. Read More at